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Recognizing Your Struggles

“Among ancient Greeks the runner who won the race was not the man who crossed the line in the shortest time, but the man who crossed it in the least time with his torch still burning. We are so often so busy with life’s activities that we are in danger of allowing the...

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Welcome to “The Run Up”

Here at The Altitude Project, our goal is to strive to remind young athletes that you are "More than a runner"*, offer encouragement during trials, and help motivate you through your training and hectic, always unpredictable, day-to-day college student-athlete life!...

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More Than A Runner

Breakdown and Heartbreak Straining and striving, you push harder than ever… your goals fixed in your mind, your weary body improving by the week. Then the un-hoped for happens: injury, illness, accident… something derails your training and your dreams. Your reaction...

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The ALTITUDE Project is committed to developing collegiate distance runners to excel in competitive running and Christian living. Your donation will be used to elevate the camp experience for those who come and scholarship athletes who wouldn't be able to come otherwise.