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greg thompson"The Altitude project has been a huge part of my life throughout my college career. I have gone the past 3 years and am coming back for sure this summer! Mammoth Lakes is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to and ideal for training at altitude. I have met some of my best friends at the Altitude Project and have grown a ton spiritually in my time spent there. All around the camp is solid - I would recommend it to anyone who is passionate about distance running and growing in their faith."
- Greg Thompson, UC Irvine

"The Altitude Project was a great experience any way you look at it. The running is challenging yet beautiful; running long distances at over 7500 feet, on varying types of terrain will definitely increase your aerobic fitness. My favorite was the run to Rainbow Falls and Devil's Postpile; you take a soft trail that meanders through light forest and you wind up at a beautiful waterfall and a very cool natural landmark. The Christian community there is just amazing; I am good friends with many of the people I met at Altitude Project. The Bible Studies and teaching are masterfully constructed to make everyone reexamine how they live their lives, what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and how to glorify God through distance running. ALTITUDE PROJECT: THE BEST YOU CAN GET!!!"
- Matt Sheeks, University of Portland

Amanda Winslow"The Altitude Project is the perfect camp to train you spiritually and physically for not just your next racing season, but for life! I learned so much there about myself as a runner, but more importantly about how to gain a personal relationship with God. Before coming to Altitude, running was my life, but this past summer really changed my heart and opened it up to see the bigger picture of life beyond running PRs and winning titles. I'll admit I was nervous going to a camp so far away and spending most of my money (mainly for the flights). However, I can honestly say now I'd still go even if it had cost double, because the experience itself is priceless! If you love running, but love God even more, the Altitude Project, with its gorgeous mountain setting, amazing trails, fun activities, scrumptious food and caring and compassionate staff are well worth your time and money." 
- Amanda Winslow, Florida State University 

Jeremy Parsons"God had put this camp on my heart for years. I've been saving and waiting to make it out to Mammoth Lakes for years. When was finally able to come, I was surprised at all the ways that God chose to work in me and in others during my time at camp. What you'll discover is that the ALTITUDE Project is much more than simply running camp. The experience helps you to realize that your connection with God and with others should always come before your connection with running. It gives you a helpful, holistic mindset that encourages both spiritual and physical transformation.Through fellowship, athletes connect on a deep level and many become good friends after the camp is over. You will live in community worshipping together, studying together, travelling together, training together, and eating together. It's definitely an experience of a lifetime and I would highly recommend it! "
- Jeremy Parsons, Redeemer University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Stuart Chandler“I can't think of a good enough adjective to describe the food at camp. It's just incredible! It was a fun time cooking and cleaning with your kitchen group too and a great way to get to know people. Probably my favorite meal was breakfast after one of our morning runs. We made banana pancakes while listening to ‘Banana Pancakes’ by Jack Johnson.”
- Stuart Chandler, University of Tennessee

Nicole Denger“The training advice at Altitude Camp goes beyond the physical but into the mental and spiritual as well. Coach Irv Ray is a very accomplished coach with 5 Olympic athletes under his guidance. His advice helped to challenge my way of training and how I view myself as a runner. His training tips on everything from drills to tempo workouts were very specific and applicable.”
- Nicole Degner, Berry College

"Mammoth Lakes is a great platform for inspiring a distance runner looking to reach their potential as an athlete. With ideal altitude of 7500 ft, great soft trails, very diverse terrain from a northwest feel to the open desert, and great atmosphere with elite teams such as Team USA. I enjoyed all the diverse opportunities for the run with gorgeous views of the lakes, especially Lake Mary and Mammoth Mountain. If you want to get inspired there is no better place to train than Mammoth Lakes, CA."
- Mike Sayenko, University of Washington

“2011 was the first time I ever heard of the ALTITUDE PROJECT, so I chose to go for one week.  Even though it was a short time at camp, the memories and friendships I made there will last a lifetime.  My advice to anyone is, if they’re thinking of spending a week or even all three at this camp they’ll not regret it; the effects are life changing.”
- Jacob Dubois, Frederick Community College

Mike Rodriguez" The first summer I attended the Altitude Project, I was discouraged at first by the cost: I would have to put my entire summer savings forward to pay for airfare and the price of the camp. I ultimately decided to go “all in” with my savings for three weeks in Mammoth Lakes, I hoped it would be worth it…

It turned out to be three of the best weeks of my life. Spiritually, I was very young in my faith at that point, and I was greatly encouraged to see so many other young runners and Christians my age striving to seek and follow the lord and run for Him! Before I was a Christian, running was a huge idol in my life, and the theme of the camp in 2010, chasing after the wind (Ecclesiastes 2:11), allowed me to see the vanity of putting my hope in something that I love, but could never completely fulfill me. At camp, I learned how I can use my running as a spiritual act of worship and allow the Lord to receive all the glory! This camp encouraged and strengthened my faith through daily bible study and altitude (worship and teaching) sessions. One of my favorite aspects of camp is personal time with God, a time to connect with the Lord in his beautiful, and breathtaking creation.

The running itself did not disappoint either! Mammoth is one of the best places in the country to run with the endless amounts of trails and soft surfaces, it’s the ideal location to train hard before the cross country season starts. Adding in the altitude effect (7,500 ft. +) aides training further and gave me an opportunity of what it is like to be a professional athlete while living and training at altitude. The training advice I received was tremendous! There are so many knowledgeable athletes and coaches who are willing to help out and give advice. The past two years at camp I’ve gotten to talk to some wise men and women including Coach Irv Ray, Ryan Hall, Meb Keflezighi, and more. After attending camp for the first year, I was able to lower my 8k xc time by 1:27, I know the training in mammoth and the advice I received helped me take my running to another level!

Perhaps my favorite part of camp is the fellowship and relationships that are developed. It’s an awesome opportunity to spend time with others who are like-minded and pursuing God! Camp does not end after the three weeks either; I have made friendships with other campers and counselors that will last a lifetime. I’m so thankful for the role this camp has played in my life and how it has helped transform me into the person I am today. This camp is so awesome, I cannot say enough good things about it, I hope I can make it back every summer!" 
- Mike Rodriguez, Drake University